Micro – Seal

Micro-Seal Preferred Protection

Micro-Seal is our exclusive protective coat. Using our proprietary process we apply a micro thin non-porous seal with high-gloss reflections unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  Micro-seal reduces chemical attack from acidic rain, salt and pollutants to prevent premature film failure. We are proud to guarantee Micro-Seal for a total of 7 years.

  • Exterior – Protects against LAX exhaust fallout, protects against ocean salt deposits
  • Out-performs waces, sealants, Teflon and polishes.
  • Gives a like-new clear coat appearance
  • Has excellent adhesion and filling properties eliminating surface imperfections and fine scratches
  • Reduces contaminate adhesion and UV radiation
  • Inhibits surface corrosion and oxidation of substrates
  • Removes light surface corrosion and oxidation chemically without any abrasive additives
  • Increases the time between routine maintenance of exterior surfaces
  • Will not cause crazing to acrylic or plexiglass surfaces
Micro-Seal Anti-Corrosion Formula is in a class by itself. MS-ACF will surpass the products you are currently using and will be the next step in surface protection. This is not a wax, sealant, Teflon or a polish. It is all of those and more!

2002 S600 Mercedes looking brand new after Micro-Seal process!

MS-ACF works by bonding on the molecular level, something of which no wax, sealant, Teflon or polish is capable. MS-ACF will extend paint life and prevent surface oxidation and corrosion and save you money by increasing the time between routine maintenance of automotive surfaces.

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